1st draft, March 1923, IV§2 draft level 0

MS Buffalo VI.B.3 42-45 Draft details

{ms, 042}

St kevin born on the Island of Ireland |ain the Irish oceana| goes to lough Glendalough |awhere holy Kevin liva| |ato live livesa| on an Island in the the lake and as there is a pond on the Island and a little island in the pond |ahe |bven K very h Kb|a| builds
{ms, 043}
a his hut on the islet and then |amost holy Ka| scoops out the floor to a dept of one foot after which |ahe venerable Ka| goes to the brink of the
{ms, 044}
pond and fills his tub with water which he emptys time after time into a cavity of his hut thereby forming a pool having done which |ahe blessed Ka| half fills the tub |avery blesseda| sets it in the
{ms, 045}
middle of the pool, |av blessed Ka| pulls up his frock and |aSt Kevina| seats himself in the tub and |a|bsaint doctorb| Kevina| mediates meditates with burning zeal the sacrament of baptism or regeneration by water