2nd draft, March 1923, IV§2 draft level 1

MS British Library 47488 24 Draft details

{ms, 024}

1 B Kevin born on the island of Ireland in the Irish ocean |1having been granted privilege of a portable altar1| goes to

|13 21| Lough Glendalough |1between rivers1| where pious Kevin lives alone on

|12 31| an isle in the lake on which isle |1a plot perrymeteredº with 5 watercourses1| is

|13 41| a pond in which is

|13 51| an islet whereon holy Kevin builds a beehivehut the floor of which most holy Kevin excavates to a depth of one foot after which done venerable Kevin goes to the lakeside and fills time after time a tub whi with water which time after time most venerable Kevin empties into

|14 61| the cavity of his hut thereof creating a pool having done which blessed Kevin half fills the tub once with water

|15 71| which tub then most blessed Kevin sets in the centre of the pool after which

|16 81| Saint Kevin |1pulls girds1| up his frock to his loins and seats himself, blessed S. Kevin, in his |1circumferential1| hiptubbath where with ardour, Doctor solitarius, he meditates with ardour

|17 91| the sacrament of baptism or the regeneration of man by water.