1st draft, March 1923, IV§3 draft level 0

MS British Library 47488 99 Draft details

{ms, 099}

The archdruid |xtopside joss pidgin manx| |aBerkeley |bof the Irish josspidginb|a| |ain his heptachromatic sevenhued roranyellgreeblindigoºa| then explained |ato silent |bwhiterobedb| Patricka| the |aillusion illusionesa| of the colourful world |aof jossa|, its furniture, animal, vegetable and mineral, appearing to fallen men under but one reflected |areflection reflectionema| of the several iridal gradations of solar light, that one which it had been unable to |aabsorb absorberea| while for the seer beholding reality, the thing as in itself it is, all objects showed themselves in their true |acolours coloribusa|, resplendent with the sextuple |aglory gloriaa| of the light actually |acontained retaineda| within them. |aIn other wordsa| To eyes so unsealed King Leary's fiery locks appeared of the colour of sorrel green, |awhile of his sixcoloured costumea| His Majesty's saffron kilt of the hue of |abrewed boileda| spinach, the royal golden breasttorc of the tint of curly cabbage, the verdant mantle of the monarch as of the |agreen viriditya| of laurel |aboughs leavesa|, the commanding azure eyes of a thyme and parsley aspect, the enamelled |aIndiana| gem of the ruler's |amaledictivea| ring as |aa rich |bonce an oliveb|a| lentil, the |aviolet violaceousa| |awarwona| contusions of the prince's feature tinged uniformly as with |aan infusion a brewa| of sennacassia.