1st fair copy, July 1923, IV§3 draft level 1

MS British Library 47488 99-100 Draft details

{ms, 100}

|1Bymby1| Topside joss pidgin fella Berkeley, archdruid of the Irish |1josspidgin chinchinjoss1|, then in his heptachromatic sevenhued roranyellgreeblindigan mantle then |1explained finished show along1| |1to the his mister guest1| Patrick |1the albed, |athe silent, the whose throat he fasted |bwhile him fellow all monkfellas they drink words,b| alla|1| the illusiones of the hueful |1panepiphanal1| world of joss, |1its the whose |azoantholithica|1| furniture, |1from1| mineral through vegetable to animal, |1appearing to not appeared to |aall full upa|1| fallen men |1than1| under but one |1reflection photoreflectione1| of the several |1iridal iridals1| gradationes of solar light, that one which that part of it had shown itself unable to absorbere whereas for the |1numpa one1| |1seer seers culter |ain the 7th degree of wisdoma| of the Entis-Onton1| |1beholding interiorly savvying inside1| the true inwardness of reality, |1the thing as in itself it is tha Ding as in idself id ist1|, all objects |1alloside1| showed themselves in their |1true trues1| coloribusº resplendent with the sextuple gloria of the light actually retained within them. |1Patrick fella no catch all that preachybook bymby topside joss pidgin fella say him two times1| |1In With1| other words to vision so unsealed King |1Leary's Leary his1| fiery |1locks |aheadhair grassbelongheada|1| appeared of the colour of sorrel green while, to pass on to |1the1| his sixcoloured costume His |1Majesty's Majesty his fellow1| saffron kilt seemed of the hue of |1boiled spinach blank spinaches1|,º the royal golden breast torc |1of the tint of look |ajusta| same like1| curly |1cabbage cabbages1|, the verdant |1cloak readyrainroof1| |1of the belongahim1| |1mouth monarch1| |1as very dead spit1| of the viridity of laurel leaves, the commanding |1azure bulopent1| eyes |1of a same thing1| thyme |1choppy1| upon parsley |1look1|, the enamelled Indian gem of the |1ruler's ruler his1| maledictive |1ring fingerfondler1| |1as an all the same one1| olive lentil, the violaceous warwon contusions of the |1prince's prince his1| |1features facebits1| tinged uniformly |1as with very like1| a |1brew chowchow1| of |1plentymuch1| sennacassia.