1st typescript, Spring 1938, IV§1 draft level 1

MS British Library 47488 8-13 Draft details

{f39, 593}
{f10, 463}


|1Sandhyas! Sandhyas! Sandhyas!1|

Calling all |1dawns downs1|. Calling all dawns to dayne. |1Surrection.1| Eirewecker to the wohld bludyn world. O rally, O rally, O rally! |1The smog is blank1| Sonne feine, somme foehn avaunt! Guld modning, have yous viewsed Piers' aube? Thane yaars agon we have used yoors up since when we have fused now orther. Calling all daynes. Calling all daynes to down. The old breeding broadsted culminwillth of natures to Foyn MacHooligan. The leader, the leader! Securest jubilends albas Temoram. Quake up, dim dusky, wake doom for husky! |1We have highest gratifications in announcing to pewtewr publikums |aofº pratician pratyusersa|:º1| Genghis is ghoon for you.

The eversower of the seeds of light to the cowld owld sowls that are in the domnatory of Defmut after the night of the carrying of the word of Nuahs and the night of making Mehs to cuddle up in a coddlepot, Pu Nuseht, lord of risings in the yonderworld, tohp triumphant, speaketh.
{f39, 594}

|1Vah! Suvarn Sur!1| Scatter fire to blank of the sky. Kilt by kelt shall kithagain with kinagain. |1We elect for thee, Tirtangel. |aSvadesia salve! |b|cWe adjure.c| A way through dimdom done till light kindling light has led but find the journey|c, iteritinerant, |damid the semitary of Somnioniad|c|. Whither the spot for? Whence the hour by?ºb|a|1| The spearpoint of |1dawnlight touches dawnfire totouches1| the tablestone |1in at1| the centre of the circle of the macroliths |1|ain the brusha| on this our peneplain1|. |1Overwhere.1| Great grey ghostly gossips growing grubber in the glow. It's a long long ray to Eruland's premier. Come lead, crom lech! We seem to understand from vellumtomes muniment among horsehows, chariotcairns and etceterogenious bargain boatbarrows, on, over and under, how the mudden research has gone to prove that while a successive generation has been. In the deep deep deeps of Deepereras. Buried hearts. Rest here.

Conk a dook he'll doo. |1Svap.1|

The child, a natural child, |1(aya! aya!),1| was kidnapped at an age of recent probably, possibly remoter; |1at milchgoat fairmesse; |ain full dogdhis; pat;a|1| behold, he returns; |1|aearthlost that we thought him; pesternost, the noneknown worrier;a| from Tumbarumba mountain; |aparasama to himself; |bwhom otherwise becauses;b|a|1| no puler as of old but as of young a paladin; |1|athough he appears a funny colour;a| astronomically fabulafigured; |aas Jambudvispa Vipra foresaw of him; the last half-versicleº repurchasing his pawned word;a|1| sure, straight, slim, sturdy, serene, synthetical, swift.

|1By the antar of Yasas! |aRuse made him worthily achieve inherited wish.a|1| You mean to see we have been hadding a sound night's sleep? |1You may so.1| It is just, it is just about to, it is just about to rolywholyover. |1Svapnasvap.1| Why? Because there are two signs to turn to, the yest and the ist, the wright side and the wronged side, feeling aslip and wauking up, so on, so forth. Why? On the sourdsite we have the Moskiosk Djinnpalast with its twin adjacencies, the bathhouse and the bazaar, allahallahallah, and on the spontlesite it is the Alcovan and the rosegarden, boony noughty|1, all puraputhry1|. Why? One's apurr apuss story about brid and breakfedes and |1parricombating and1| coushcoush but others is of tholes and outworn beings, doings and chafferings in heat, contest and enmity. Why? Every talk has his stay|1, vidnis blank,1| and all-a-dreams at last are through. Why? It's a sot of a swigswag, systomy dystomy, which everybody you ever anywhere at all doze. Why? Such me.

And howpsadrowsay.

|1Lok!1| A shaft of shivery in the act|1, anilancinant1|. Cold's sleuth! |1Vayuns!1| Where did thots come from? It is infinitesimally fevers, resty fever, risy fever, a coranto of aria, asleeperawakening, in the smalls of one's back presentiment, gip, and again, geip, a flash from a future |1of maybe mahamayability1| through the windr of wondr is a weltr is a world.


It is perfect degrees excelsius. |1A jaladaew still stilleth.1| Cloud lay but mackrel are. Anemone activescent. The torporature is returning to mornal. Humid nature is feeling itself freely at ease with the all fresco. It was a long, very long, a dark, very dark, an allbut unend, scarce endurable night. Diu! |1Now day, slow day, from delicate to divine,º divases. Padma, brighter and sweetster, |athe thisa| flower that bells, it is our hour ofº risings. Tickle, tickle. Lotus spray.1|

Thanks, |1Thomas Thamasº1|.

There is something supernoctual about whatever you called him it. Mildew, murk, leak and yarn now want the bad that they lied on. And the four last words in camparative accoustomology are going to tell stretch of a fancy where he gets up. Allay for allay, a threat for a throat.


|1To them in Ysat Loka. |aThe urb orbs.a| Upon the thuds trokes truck, chim, it will be exactly so exactlyso fewer hours |aand bya| so many minutes of the aube of the diurn of the sennight of the maaned of the yere of the age of the |amadamanvanturas madamanvantoraa| of Greatguy and Littlelady and their childer and their chattels and their servance and their
{f39, 599}
cognance and their ilks and their orts and their everythings that is theirs.

|1Much obliged,º Time-o'-Thay! But where, O clerk?1|

|1Polycarp pool, the pool of Innalavia, |aminnyhahing here from hiarwather,a| the river of lives, the regenerations of |aCleethaballa Cleethabalaa|, the kongdomain of the Alieni, an accorsaired race,º infester of Libund Ocean, Moylamore, let it be. There an alomdree begins to green. It is scainted to Vitalba. And her little white bloomkins are hobdoblins' hankypanks. There too a slab slobs, |aimmemorial immermemorial a|. But
{f10, 469}
so bareº, so boulder, offering such a brr bll bmm show that, holy smoles, it owed to have at leased some butchup's upperon. |aOld Wommany Wyes.a| And But this shame rock and that whispy planter tell Paudheen and his perty Molly Vardant this place is a proper ifº so be |awho |bwho who hwo hwoºb|a| would |asay |bcelebrate celibrateb|a| the holy mystery.

|1|aWho? Hwo?ºa| Hwy!º1|

|1Keavn!º Keavn! And they all setton voicies aboutº Keavn!1|

|1S. Wilhelmina's, |aS. Garda's S. Gardenia'sa|, S. Phibia's, S. Veslandrua's, S. Clarinda's, S. Immecula's, |saS. Caterine's, S. Josetta's, S. Paula's, S. Meekaleen Jane's, S. Dolores Delphin's, S. Perlanthroa's, S. Errands Gay'ssa|, S. Eddaminiva's, S. Rhodamena's, S. Ruadagara's, |aS. Drimicumtra's, S. Una Vestity's, |bS. Mintargusia's S. Mintargosia'sºb|, S. Mischa-La-Valse'sº, S. Churstry's, S. Innocycora's, |sbS. Merychant Gay's S. Aungiel Calzata'ssb|, S. |bClovintarta's Clovinturta'sb|,º S. |bblank Clouonaskiey'sº,b|a| S. Bellavistura's, S. Santamonta's, S. Ringsingsund's, S. Heddadin Drade'sº, S. Glacianivia's, S. Waidafrira's, S. Thomassabbess's, and S. Lollisotolle's.º1|

{f39, 602}