3rd typescript, Summer 1938, IV§1 draft level 3

MS British Library 47488 29-37 Draft details

{f39, 593}
{f10, 463}


Sandhyas! Sandhyas! Sandhyas!

Calling all downs. Calling all dawns to dayne. Array! Surrection. Eirewecker to the wohld bludyn world. O rally, O rally, O rally! The smog is lofting. And already the |3oldouman's olduman's3| olduman has godden up on othertimes to litanate the bonnamours. Sonne feine, somme foehn avaunt! Guld modning, have yous viewsed Piers' aube? Thane yaars agon we have used yoors up since when we have fused now orther. Calling all daynes. Calling all daynes to dawn. The old breeding broadsted culminwillth of natures to Foyn MacHooligan. The leader, the leader! Securest jubilends albas Temoram. Clogan slogan. Quake up, dim dusky, wook doom for husky! And let Billey Feghin be baallad out of his hunuluation. Confindention to churchen. We have highest gratifications in announcing to pewtewr publikums of pratician pratyusers: Genghis is ghoon for you.

The eversower of the seeds of light to the cowld owld sowls that are in the domnatory of Defmut after the night of the carrying of the word of Nuahs and the night of making Mehs to cuddle up in a coddlepot, Pu Nuseht, lord of risings in the yonderworld |3of Ntamplin3|, tohp triumphant, speaketh.
{f39, 594}

Vah! Suvarn Sur! Scatter brand to the reneweller of the sky, thou who agnitest! Dah! Arcthur is coming! Be! |3|xVerb imprincipiantº through the entrance entrancitiveº spaces!x|3| Kilt by kelt shall kithagain with kinagain. We elect for thee, Tirtangel. Svadesia salve! We|3,º Durbalanars,3| |3adjure theeadjure3|. A way|3, |aour thea| Margan, from our astamite,3| through dimdom done till light kindling light has led but find the journey, iteritinerant, the Kal his course, amid the semitary of Somnionia. Whither the spot for? Whence the hour by? See but! Our shades of minglings mengle them and help help horizons. The spearspid of dawnfire totouches ain the tablestoane ath the centre of the great circle of the macroliths of Helusbelus in the |3boshiman3| brush on this our peneplain |3whence the horned cairns erge, idols of isthmians3|. Overwhere. Gaunt grey ghostly gossips growing grubber in the glow. Past now palls. |3Ha! Cur one beast|a, even Dane the Great,ºa| may treadspathsº with sniffer he snout impursuant to byelegs. Ha! Ha! But why pit the cur afore the noxe? Let |achant shrilla| their duanº Gallus and she|a, the Sassqueehenna,a| makes ducksruns at crooked. Once for the chantermale, twoce for the pother and once twoce threece for the waither. |aSo |bthe anb| inedible yellowmeatº turns out theº invasable blackth.a|3| What serves to rob with Alliman, a turnkeyed trot to Seapoint means Noel's Bar, if you've |3horse tippertaps3| in your head your right to Penmark, stommering silenced at Henge Ceollege,
{f39, 595}
Exmooth? Death banes and the |3still |aunquick quicka|3| quoke. But life wends and the dombs spake! Whake? Hill of Hafid, knock and knock, |3nachasach,3| gives relief |3to the langscape3| and the bride of the Bryne|3, shin high shake,3| is dotter than evar for a damse wed her farther. |3We may plesently heal Geoglyphy's twentynine ways to say goodbett an wassing seeoosoonº , liv. |aWith the forty wonks winking please me your much as to!.a|3| It's a long long ray to Eriland's premier. Come lead, crom lech! We seem to understand |3from apad3| vellumtomes muniment|3, Arans |aDuhka Duhkhaa|,3| among |3horsehows hoseshoes3|, |3chariotcairns cheriotiers3| and etceterogenious bargain boatbarrows, |3on,3| over and under, |3since, evenif or although, in double preposition as in triple conjunction,3| how the mudden research has gone to prove that while a successive generation has been. In the deep deep deeps of Deepereras. Buried hearts. Rest here.

Conk a dook he'll doo. Svap.

|3|xSo let him slap, the sap! Till they take down his shatter from his shap. Hecanease.º Fill stap.x|3|

The child, a natural child, thenown by the mnames of (aya! aya!), wouldbewas kidnapped at an age of recent probably, possibly remoter; or he conjured himself from seight by slide
{f39, 596}
at hand; for which the theatron is a lemoronage; at milchgoat fairmesse; in full dogdhis; sod on a fall; pat; behold, he returns; earthlost that we thought him; pesternost, the noneknown worrier; from Tumbarumba mountain; in persence of whole landslots; forebe all the rassias; The Diggings, Woodenhenge, as to hang out at; parasama to himself; |3atmanº |saevars known as evarssa|;3| whom otherwise becauses; no puler as of old but as of young a paladin; though he appears a funny colour; place inspectorum sarchent; also the hullow chyst excavement; astronomically fabulafigured; as Jambudvispa Vipra foresaw of him; the last half-versicle repurchasing his pawned word; sure, straight, slim, sturdy, serene, synthetical, swift.

By the antar of Yasas! Ruse made him worthily achieve inherited wish. You mean to see we have been hadding a sound night's sleep? You may so. It is just, it is just about to, it is just about to rolywholyover. Svapnasvap. Of all the stranger things that ever not even in the hundrund and badst pageans of unthowsent and wonst nice or in eddas and oddes bokes of tomb, dyke and hollow to be have happened! Why? Because, graced be Gad and all giddy gadgets, in whose words were the beginnings, there are two signs to turn to, the yest and the ist, the wright side and the wronged side, feeling aslip and wauking up, so an, so farth. Why? On the sourdsite we have the Moskiosk Djinnpalast with its twin adjacencies, the bathhouse and the bazaar, allahallahallah, and on the spontlesite it is the Alcovan and the rosegarden, boony noughty, all puraputhry. Why? One's apurr apuss story about brid and breakfedes and parricombating and coushcoush but others is of tholes and outworn buyings, dolings and chafferings in heat, contest and enmity. Why? Every talk has his stay, vidnis blank, and all-a-dreams at last are through. Why? It's a sot of a swigswag, systomy dystomy, which everybody you ever anywhere at all doze. Why? Such me.

And howpsadrowsay.

Lok! A shaft of shivery in the act, anilancinant. Cold's sleuth! Vayuns! Where did thots come from? It is infinitesimally fevers, resty fever, risy fever, a coranto of aria, asleeperawakening, in the smalls of one's back presentiment, gip, and again, geip, a flash from a future of maybe mahamayability through the windr of wondr in a wildr is a weltr as a wirbl as a warbl is a world.


It is perfect degrees excelsius. A jaladaew still stilleth. Cloud lay but mackrel are. Anemone activescent. The torporature is returning to mornal. Humid nature is feeling itself freely at ease with the all fresco. The vervain is to herald as the grass administers. They say, they say in effect, they really say. You have eaden fruit. Say whuit. You have snakked mid a fish. Tell whish.
{f39, 598}
Every those personal place objects is nonthings wheresoevers and they just done been doing being in a dromo of todos withouten a bound to be by. You hild them, the upples, in your trowers. Forswundled. You hald
{f10, 467}
him by the tap of the tang. Not a salutary sellable sound is since. Insteed for asteer, adrift with adraft. Nuctumbulumbumus wanderwards the Nil. Victorias neanzas. Alberths neantas. It was a long, very long, a dark, very dark, an allbut unend, scarce endurable|3, and we mi could add mostly quite various and somewhatº stumbletumbling3| night. Endee he sendee. Diu! |3The has goning at gone, the is coming to come. Greets to |aghostern ghasterna|, hie to morgning. Dormidy, destady!º Doom is the faste. Well dawnº, good other!º3| Now day, slow day, from delicate to divine, divases. Padma, brighter and sweetster, this flower that bells, it is our hour of risings. Tickle, tickle. Lotus spray. Adya.

Thanks, Thamas. In that earopean end meets Ind.

There is something supernoctual about whatever you called him it. Panpan and vinvin are not alonely vanvan and pinpin in your Tamal without tares but simplysoley they are they. This utter follow is that odder fellow. Himkim kimhim. Old yeasterloaves may be a stale as a stub and the pitcher go to aftoms on the wall. Mildew, murk, leak and yarn now want the bad that they lied on. And the four last words todate in camparative accoustomology are going to tell stretch of a fancy through strength towards joyance, adyatanta, where he gets up. Allay for allay, a threat for a throat.


To them in Ysat Loka. |3Hearing.3| The urb it orbs. |3Then, Then's now |aand witha| now's then in tense continuant. Heard. Who having has he shall have had. Hear!3| Upon the thuds trokes truck, chim, it will be exactlyso fewer hours by so many minutes of the ope of the diurn of the sennight of the maaned of the yere of the age of the madamanvantora of Grossguy and Littleylady, our hugibus hugibum and our weewee mother, and their childer and their napirs and their napirs' childers' napirs and their chattels and their servance and their
{f39, 599}
cognance and their ilks and their orts and their everythings that is |3be will was3| theirs.

Much obliged, Time-o'-Thay! But |3where wherth3|, O clerk?

|3Whithr a clonk? Vartman!3| See you not soo the pfath they pfunded, oura vatars that arred in Himmal, harruad bathar namas, the gow, the stiar, the tigara, the liofont, when even thurst was athar vetals, hoofs hoofs hoofs hoofs, padapodopudupedding on fattafottafutt. Ere we are! |3Signifying thatº primeval conditions having gradually receded but nevertheless the emplacement of solidº and fluid having to a great extent persisted through intermittences making possible and even inevitable at the place and period under consideration
{f10, 468}
a socially organic entity |aof a millenary military maritory monetary |bformation morphological circumformationb|a| in a |amore or less settleda| state of economic equonomic ecolib ecolube equalobe equilib equilab equilibr equilibbrium.
3| Gam on, Gearge! |3|a|bNo mor Nomomorphemi for me!b| Lessnatbe angardsmanlake!ºa| You jastº gat a tache of army on the stumuk.3| There's a tavarn in the tarn.

|3Take Tamotimo's topical tip. Advert.3|

Polycarp pool, the pool of Innalavia, |3Saras the soft as,3| whereinn once we lave 'tis alve and vale, minnyhahing here from hiarwather, |3a poddlebridges in a passabed,3| the river of lives, the regenerations |3of the incarnations of the emanations of the apparentations3| of Funn and Nin |3in3| Cleethabala, the kongdomain of the Alieni, an accorsaired race, infester of Libnud Ocean, Moylamore, let it be. There an alomdree begins to green. It is scainted to Vitalba. And her little white bloomkins are hobdoblins' hankypanks. There too a slab slobs, immermemorial. But
{f10, 469}
so bare, so boulder, brag sagging such a brr bll bmm show that, wooly smools of Barindeus, it owed to have at leased some butchup's upperon. Old Wommany Wyes. Pfif! But this shame rock and that whispy planter tell Paudheen and his perty Molly Vardant this place is a proper and this feist a ferial if so be hwo hwo would celibrate cardnal communial, the holy mystery, or that the pirigrim from Mainylands beatend. A naked yogpriest, clothed upon of sundust, his oakey doaked with frondest leoves, offrand to the ewon of her owen. |3Tasyam kuru salilakriyamº!3| Pfaf!

Hwo? Hwy, dairmaidens! Asthoreths, assay! Earthsigh to is heavened.

Hillsengals, the daughters of the cliffs, responsen. |3Longsome the samphire coast. |a|bFrom |cthou theec| to thee, |cthou thooc| art it thoo, thou, that thouest there. |cThe like the near, the liker nearer.c| O sosay!b| A family, a band, a school, a clanagirls. |bFiftines |cand andbutc| fortines by |cnovenas and novanas andorc| vantads by octettes |cand ayandc| decadendecads by a lunary |cand withc| last a lone.b| |bWhere Whoseb| every has her |bdiffering differentºb| from the sm similies with her site. Sicut campanulae petalliferentes they coroll in caroll round Botany Bay.a|3|

Keavn! Keavn! And they all setton voicies about Keavn!

S. Wilhelmina's, S. Gardenia's, S. Phibia's, S. Veslandrua's, S. Clarinda's, S. Immecula's, S. Dolores Delphin's, S. Perlanthroa's, S. Errands Gay's, S. Eddaminiva's, S. Rhodamena's, S. Ruadagara's, S. Drimicumtra's, S. Una Vestity's, S. Mintargosia's, S. Mischa-La-Valse's, S. Churstry's, S. Innocycora's, S. Aungiel Calzata's, S. Clovinturta's, S. Clouonaskiey's, S. Bellavistura's, S. Santamonta's, S. Ringsingsund's, S. Heddadin Drade's, S. Glacianivia's, S. Waidafrira's, S. Thomassabbess's and (|3peepeep! trema! unloud!! pepet!!!3|) S. |3Lollisotolle's Loellisotoelle's3|.

|3Euh?! Thaet is seu whaet shaell one naeme it!3|

The meidinogues have tongued togethering. Ascend out of your bed|3, cavern of a trunk,3| and shrine! |3Kathlins is kitchin.3| Soros cast aside, ma brone! You must be |s3extera exterras3| acquarate to inter irrigate all the arkypelicans. The austrologer Wallaby Tolan, a brother, who farshook our showrs from Newer
{f10, 470}
Aland, has signed the you and the now our mandate. Milenesia waits. Be smark!
{f39, 602}

What does Coemhghen? It is the voice of Roga. His face is the face of a son. Be thine the silent hall, O Jarama! A virgin, the one, shall mourn thee. Roga's stream is solence. |3But Croona is in adestance.3| The ass of the O'Dwyer of Greyglens is abrowtobayse afeald |3in his terroirs3| of the Potterton's forecoroners|3, the reeks around the burleyhearthed3|. |3When visited by an indepondant reporter, “Mike” Portlund, |ato burrow burninga| the Latterman'sº Resterant so is called the gortan in questure he mikes the fallowing. From a collispendent. Any were. Deemsday. Rinvention of vestiges by which they drugged the buddhy. Moviefigure on |aon ina| scenic section. By Patethicusº.3| And here|3, |afrom out of the scuity, misty Londan,a| along the canavan route, that is with the years gone, |amild beam of the wave his polar bearing, trust Tonthenaº and you tread true turf,a|3| comes the sorter, Mr Hansen, |3a passable compatriate proparly of the Grimstad galleon, aldº pairs frieze,3| feed up to the noxer with their geese and peeas and oats. Bag is for Baker who baxters our bread. O, what an ovenly odour! |3But receive me, my frensheets, from the
{f10, 471}
emerald dark, winter long
3| |3But For3| diss is the doss for Eilder Downes and dass is what the hardworking officials who trow to form our G.M.P.'s pass muster generally shay for shee and sloo for slee when butting their headd to the pillow for a |3nights shared makeshift nightshared nakeshift3| with the alter girl they tuck in for sweepsake. Dutiful wealker for his hydes of march. Havd you the time, Hans ahike? Heard you the crime, senny boy? The man was giddy on |3lettis letties3| on the dewry|3, whethered with entrenous, midgreys, dagos, teatimes, shadows, nocturnes or samoans, if wellstacked fillerouters,º plushfeverfraus with dopy chonks,3| and this, that and the other|3, pigskinsº or muffle kincklesº, taking a pipe course or doing an anguish,3| seen to his fleece in after his foull|3, when Dr Chart of Greet Chortlesº Streetº he changed his backbone at a citting3|. He had not the declaimation|3, as what with the foos as whet with the fays,3| but|3,º so far as hanging a goobeeº on the precedings,3| it mights be anything after darks. |3Which the deers alones they sees and the darties they is snuffing of the wind up. Debbling.3| Greanteavvents! |3Hyacinssies with heliotrollops!3| It is a lable iction on the porte of the cuthulic church and summum most atole for it. Where is that blinketey blanketer, that sound of a pealer, the sunt of a hunt what foxes good men?

What does Coemhghen, the fostard? |3Man shall sharp run do a get him.3| Ask no more, Jerry mine, Roga's voice! The cublic hatches are not yet open for hourly rincers' mess. It is not even yet the engine of the load with haled morries full of crates. The Greek Sidereal Reulthway, as it havvents, will soon be starting |3a smooth with3| its first? danny buzzes instead of the vialact coloured milk train with its endless |3gallaxian gallaxion3| of rotatorattlers. Also the waggonwobbles are still yet everdue. Aspect, Shamus Rogua|3, orº3|! |3Taceate and!3| Inattendance who is who is will play that's what's that to what's that.

Oyes! Oyeses! Oyesesyeses! |3The primace of the Gaulls|a, protonotorious,a| is now aboil to blow a Gael warning. Inoperation Eyrlands Eyot and, Western and Osthern Approaches.3|