2 typescripts, July 1923, June 1929 or 1938, IV§2 draft level 5, 5'

MS Private 1-2; Zurich 1-2 Draft details

Of Kevin, of Increate God the servant, of the Lord Creator a filial fearer, the miracles, death and life are these.

Procreated |5'|~eugenically~|5'| on the ultimate island of Ireland in the encyclical Irish |5'|~polynesian~|5'| archipelago, come their feast of precreated holy whiteclad angels, voluntarily poor |5'|~Eugene~|5'| Kevin, having been granted the privilege of a priest's postcreated portable altare cum balneo when espousing the one true cross, invented and exalted, in celibate matrimony at matin chime arose and westfrom went and came in alb of cloth of gold to our own midmost Glendalough-le-Vert by archangelical guidance where amiddle of meeting waters of river Slaney and Liffey river on this one lone navigable lake piously Kevin, lauding the Triune Trishagion, amidships of his conducible |5'|~miraculoid~|5'| altar super bath rafted centripetally, diaconal servant of orders Hibernian, midway across the subject lake surface to its supreme epicentric lake isle, Inis Kevin, whereof its lake is the centrifugal principality, whereon by prime, powerful in knowledge, Kevin came to where its centre is among the circumfluent watercourses of Ishgagrania and Ishgadectera, an enisled lakelet islanding a lacustrine islet, whereupon with beached raft subdiaconal bath propter altar, with oil extremely anointed, accompanied by prayer, holy Kevin |5'|~isolated~|5'| bided till the third morn hour but to build a rubric penitential |5'honeybeehivehut |~honeybeehivecashelhut honeybeehivehut~|5'| in whose enclosure to live in fortitude, acolyte |5'|~in heroicity~|5'| of cardinal virtues, whereof the arenary floor most holy Kevin excavated as deep as to a depth of a seventh part of one full fathom, which excavated, venerable Kevin, anchorite, taking counsel, proceeded towards the lakeside of the isletshore whereat seven several times he eastward genuflecting in entire obedience at sextnoon collected |5'|~infusion of~|5'| Gregorian water sevenfold
{f10, 473}
and with Ambrosian eucharistic joy of heart as many times receded carrying the lustral domination contained within his most portable privileged altar unacumque bath, which severally seven times into the cavity excavated, a lector of |5'water levels |~waterlevels water levels~|5'|, most venerable Kevin then effused, thereby letting there be water where was theretofore dry land, by him so concreated, who now, confirmed a strong and perfect Christian, blessed Kevin, exorcised his holy sister
{f39, 606}
water, perpetually chaste, so that well understanding she should fill to midheight his tubbathaltar, which handbathtub most blessed Kevin ninthly enthroned in the interconcentric centre of the translated water whereamid, when violet vesper vailed, Saint Kevin Hydrophilus, having girded his sable cappa magna as high as to his cherubical loins, at solemn compline sat in his seat of wisdom, that hipbathtub, whereverafter, recreated doctor insularis |5'|~insulae continentis~|5'| of the universal church, keeper of the door of meditation, memory extempore proposing and intellect formally considering, recluse, he|5'|~, finally persevering,~|5'| meditated continuously with seraphic ardour the primal sacrament of baptism or the regeneration of all man by affusion of water.