2nd fair copy, August 1923, IV§3 draft level 2

MS British Library 47488 101 Draft details

{f10, 475}
{f10, 478}

Bymbyº topside joss pidgin fella Berkeley, archdruid of Irish chinchinjoss,º in |2the2| his heptachromatic sevenhued septicoloured roranyellgreeblindiganº mantle finish he show along the his mister guest Patrick with albº the whose throat he fast all time |2what time all him monkafellas with Patrick he drink up words belongahim,º2| all |2too much2| illusiones of hueful panepiphanal world of lordº Joss,º the of which zoantholithicº furniture,º from mineral through vegetal to animal,º not appear to full up together fallen man than under but one photoreflectioneº of the several iridals gradationes of solar light,º that one which that part of it (furnit of huepanepiº world)º had shown itself (part of fur of huepanwor) unable to absorbere,º whereas for numpa one seer in seventh degree of wisdom of Entis-Onton he savvy inside true inwardness of reality, thaº Ding hvad in idself id istº, all objects (of panepiwor) alloside showed themselves in trues coloribus resplendent with sextuple gloria of light actually retained inside them (obs of epiwo). Patfella no catch all that preachybook bymbyº topside joss pidgin fellaº say him two time with other words verbigratia to vision so throughsighty High King Leary his fiery grassbelonghead all show colour of sorrel green, again of the his sixcolour costume the his fellow saffron pettikilt look same hue of boiled spinasses,
{f39, 612}
other thing the his royalº golden breast torc look justsamelike curlicabbis, moreafter verdant readyrainroof belongahim High King Leary very dead spit of plenty laurel leaves, afterthatº commander bulopentº eyes of Highest King same thing like thyme choppy upon parsley, alongsidethat enamel Indian gem |2in maledictive fingerfondler2| of High High Emperor all same like one fellow olive lentil, otherlongsidethatº violaceous warwon contusiones of facebitsº of Highup Big Autocrat tinged uniformlyº allaroundside very like
{f10, 479}
you see chowchow of plentymuch sennacassia.
{f39, 613}