Textual development Manuscript to Errata IV§3

Compiled by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon

{f10, 475}

|3⇒ Ha!

Daysgreeningº gains in schimningingº. A summerwint springfalls, abated. Hail, regn of durknass, snowly receassing, thund lightening thund, into the dimbelowstarsº departamenty whitherout|a, soon (6host hist6), soon |bmest mistb|, to the hothehill from the hollow,a| Solsking the Frist (attempted by the admirable Captive Bunting and |aCornel Loftonant-Cornela| Blaire) will processingly show up above Tumplen Bar whereupoutº he was much jubilatedº by Boergemester “Dyk” Fogg ffogg |aof Isoles,º now Eisold,ºa| looking most plussed with |a(exhib 39)a| a cloutcappedº sunbu sunbubble anaccanponied from his bequined torse. Up.

|aBlanchardstown mewspeppers pleads |bcopyl coppylb|.a| Gracest goodness, heave mensy upponnus! Grand old Manbattonº, give your bowlers a rest!
{f39, 608}

It is a mere mienerism of this vague of visibilities, mark you, as accorded to by |amoisturology moisturologist of the (6brehons Brehons6) |bassorciation (6assorceration Assorceration6)b| for the (6advauncement of scayence Advauncement of Scayence,º6)a| because, my dear, |amentioning of it under the breath, as in pure (what bunkum!) essenesse,a| there have been disselving forenenst you just the draeper, the two drawpers assisters and the three droopers assessors confraternitisers. |aWho are, of course, Uncle Arth, your two cozes from Niece and (projectº a bit now!) our |bown familiars,ºb| Billyhealy, |4Ballhooly Ballyhooly4| and Bullyhowley,º surprised in an indecorous position by the Sigurd Sigerson Sphygmomanometer |4Socity Society4| for bledprusshers.º

Knightsmore. Haventyne?

Ha ha!a|

This Mister Ireland? And a live?

Ay, ay. Aye, aye, baas.

The cry of Stena chills the |avitals ofa| slumbring off the motther has been pleased into the harms of |aher olda| salaciters|a., meassurers soon and soon,a| |aBut butºa| the voice of Almaº answers gladdens the cocklyhearted dreamerish for that magic moning with its ching chang chap sugay kaow laow milkee muchee bringing beckerbrose, the brew with the foochoor in it. Sawyest? Nodt? Nyets, I
{f10, 476}
dhink I sawn to remumb or sumbsuch. A kind of a |athing like thinglikea| all traylogged then pubably it resymbles a pelvic |aof somes or somea| kvind then props an acutebacked |4quardangle quadrangle4| with aslant off |aohanthen ohahnthenth ohahnthentha| a wenchyoumaycuddler,º lying with her royalirish uppershoes among the theeckleaves. Signs are on of a mere by token that wills still to be be comingº upon this there once a here was world. As the dayeleyves unfolden them. In the wake of the blackshape,º Nattenden Sorte;º whenat,º |ahurled forth hindled firth and hundled furtha|,º the week of wakes is out and over;º as a wick weak woking from ennemberable Ashias unto fierce force fuming, temtem tamtam, the Phoenican wakes.

Passing. One. We are passing. Two. From sleep we are passing. Three. Into the wikeawades |awherld warlda| from sleep we are passing |safoursa|. |aFour.a| Come, hours, be ours!

But |ayet stilla|. Ah diorº, ah diorº! And stay!º
{f39, 609}

It was allso agreenable in our sinegear clutchless,º touring the no |aplace like placelikea| no timelike |aabsilent absolenta|, mixing up pettyvaughan |apeople populosea| with the magnumoore genstries, lloydhaired mersscenary blok blookers with boydskinned |apigthetailer pigthetailorsºa| and goochlipped gwendolenes with duffyeyed dolores.,º like so many unprobables in their poor suit of the improssable. With Mata and after please with Matamaru and after please |sastopsa| with Matamaruluka and after stop do please with Matamarulukajoni.

And anotherum. Ah |aes essa|, dapple ass! He will be longing after the Grogram Grays. And, Weisingchetaoli,º he will levellantº ministel Trampleasure be. Sheflower Rosina, younger Sheflower fruit Amaryllis, youngest (6flowerfruity frond flowerfruityfrond6) Sallysill |aora| Sillysall. And house with heaven roof occupanters they are continuatinglyº attraverse of its milletestudinous windoors,º ricocoursing themselves|4|+, as staneglass on stonegloss,+|4| in playnº unglish Wynn's Hotel. |4Brancherds at: Bullbeck, Oldboof, Sassondale,º Jorsey,º Uppygard, Mundelonde, Abbeytotte, Bracqueytuitte and with Hockeyvilla, Fockeyvilla, Hillewille and Wallhall. Hoojahoo managers, the thingaviking. Obning shotly.4| When the messanger of the risen sunº |4|+(see other |saaubrey orielsa|)+|4| shall give to every seeable a hue and to every hearable a cry and to each spectacle his spot and to each happening her |s5hour her h hourams5|. The while unread we, we are waiting, we are waiting for. Hymn.

muta:º Quodestnunc fumusiste vohlvuns ex volhvuns ex Domoyno?

juva:º It is Old Head of Kettle puffing off the top of the |amorn mornina|.

muta:º He odda be thorly well ashamed of himself for smoking before the high host.

juva:º Dies |aerit |best isb|a| Dorminus master |aet anda| commandant illy tonobrass.

muta:º |4Diminussed aster!4| An I could peercieveº amonkst the gatherings who soº ever they wolk in process?
{f10, 477}

juva:º |5Khubadah!5| It is the Chrystanthemlander with his porters of bonzos|4, pompommyº plonkyplonk,4| |5the ghariwallahs,5| moveyovering the cabbr cabrattlefield of |aSlaine slaineºa|.

muta:º |4Pongo da Banza!4| An I would uscertain |aof ina| druidful scatterings one piece |satallsa| chap he stand one piece |sasamesa| place?
{f39, 610}

juva:º Bulkily: and he is |safundementally fundementiallysa| theosophagusted over the whorse proceedings.

muta:º Petrificationibus! |4O horrildº haraflare!4| Who (6his dickhuns6) now rearrexes from undernearth the memorialorum?

juva:º |aBeleave, beleave! |bBeleave filmly! beleave! Beleave, beleave filmly!ºb|a| Fing Fing! King King!

|4|+muta:º Ulloverum? Fulgitudo |5ejas ejus5| Rhedonum teneat!

juva:º Rolantlossly! |5Till the tipp of his ziff.5| And the ubideintia of the savium is our ervics fenicitas.+|4|

muta:º Why soly smiles the supremest with such for a leary on his |saregular rugularsa| lips?

juva:º |4Bitchorbotchum! |aEbrydime! Eebrydime!a|4| He has |aholf helfºa| his crewn on the burkeley boyº but he has holf his crown on the Eurasian Generalissimo. |4|a

muta:º |5Skulkasloot!5| The twyly velleid is thus then paridicynical?

juva:º Ut vivat volumen sic pereat pouradosus!a| |a

muta:º Haven money on Stablecertº?

juva:º Tempt to wom Outsider!a|

muta:º |aSuc?a| He quoffs. Wutt?

juva:º |aSec!a| Wartar wartar! Wett. |+

muta:º Ad Piabelle et Purabelle?

juva:º At Winne, Woermann og Sengs.+|4|

|s5muta:º So that when we shall have acquired unification we shall pass on to diversity and when we shall have passed on to diversity we shall have acquired the instinct |errto ofºerr| combat and when we shall have acquired the instinct of combat we shall pass back to the spirit of appeasement?

juva:º By the light of the bright reason which daysends to us from the high.

muta:º May I borrow that hordwanderbaffle from you, old rubberskin?º

juva:º Here it is and I hope it's your wormingpen, Erinmonker!ºs5|


Rhythm and Colour at Park |4Meeting Mootingº4|. |4|aParados Peredosa| Last in the Grand Natural. Velivision victor. Dubs newstage oldtime turftussle, recalling Winny Willy |+Widgey Widger+|.4| |saTwo draws. |4|+Heliotrope
{f39, 611}
leads from Harem.+|4| Three| |4|+Jockey the Ropper jerks Jake the Rape.+| Paddrock and bookley chat.4|

And here are the details.3|
{f10, 478}

|4|+Tunc.+|4| Bymbyº |4bullockyº vampas tappany bobsº4| topside joss pidgin fella |3'|~Luchru~|3'| |+4Berkeley Belkellyº+|4|, archdruid of |+4Irish islish+|4| chinchinjoss,º in |2the2| his heptachromatic sevenhued septicoloured roranyellgreeblindiganº mantle finish he show along the his mister guest |+4Patrick Patholic+|4| with albº the whose throat |5hum5| |4with |aofa| sametime all the his |a|+black cassock+|a| groaner fellas |+of greysfriaryfamily+|4| he fast all time |2what time all him |3'|~Italyman~|3'| monkafellas with |+4Patrick Same Patholic,º+|4| |4|+quoniam b speechingº |anot |bay not yehºb|a| speeching |anoha| man liberty is,º+|4| he drink up words belongahim,º |4|+|asilicet scilicetºa| tomorrow till recover will not,º+|4|2| all |2too |4|+many+|4| much2| illusiones |4through |+photoprismic+| velamina4| of hueful panepiphanal world |4|+spectacurum+|4| of lordº Joss,º the of which zoantholithicº furniture,º from mineral through vegetal to animal,º not appear to full up together fallen man than under but one photoreflectioneº of the several iridals gradationes of solar light,º that one which that part of it (furnit of huepanepiº world)º had shown itself (part of fur of huepanwor) unable to absorbere,º whereas for numpa one |4puradduxedº4| seer in seventh degree of wisdom of Entis-Onton he savvy inside true inwardness of reality, thaº Ding hvad in idself id istº, all |3'|~damfool~|3'| objects (of ( panepiwor) |4alloside allside4| showed themselves in trues coloribus resplendent with sextuple gloria of light actually retained|4, untisintus,º4| inside them (|3'|~goddam~|3'| obs of epiwo). |+4Patfella Rumnant Patholic+|, stareotypopticussº,4| no catch all that preachybook|4|+, utpiamº tomorrow recover thing even is not,+|4| |3'|~belong Luchru Berkeley~|3'| bymbyº |4vampsybobsy tappanasbullocksº4| topside joss pidgin fellaº |3'|~Luchru Berkeley~|3'| |4|+Bilkilly-Belkelly+|4| say |+4him patfella+|, |aontasantes ontesantesa|,º4| |+4two time twotime hemhaltshealing,º+|4| with other words |4verbigratia |+verbigeratia verbigratiagrading from murmurulentous till stridulocelerious |a|bin a hunghoranghoangoly |ctsingtseng of violence tsinglontsengºc|b| while his comprehendurient,º from with diminishing claractinism,º augumentationed himself in caloripeiaa|+|4| to vision so throughsighty|4, you anxioust melancholic, unread4| |3'|~for Os of E W~|3'| King (4High King High Thats Hight Uberking4) Leary his fiery grassbelonghead all show colour of |4sorrel green sorrelwood herbgreen4|, again|4, |+niggerblanker niggerblonker+|,4| of the his |+4sixcolour essixcoloured+|4| |4|+holmgrewnworsteds+|4| costume the his fellow saffron pettikilt look same hue of boiled spinasses,
{f39, 612}
other thing|err,err| |4voluntary mutismuser|err,ºerr| he not compyhandy4| the his royalº golden |s4breast torc twobreasttorcs4| look justsamelike curlicabbis, moreafter(4, to pace negativisticists,4) verdant readyrainroof belongahim |s4Exubers4| High |s4King Oberkingºs4| Leary very dead|4, what he wish to say,º4| spit of |4superexuberabundancy4| plenty laurel leaves, afterthatº commander bulopentº eyes of |s4Mosts4| Highest |s4King Ardreetsarºs4| same thing like thyme choppy upon parsley, alongsidethat|4, if pleasesirº noº displace tanttungº sowlofabishospastored,º4| enamel Indian gem |2in maledictive fingerfondler2| of High High |s4Siresultans4| Emperor's Emperor all same like one fellow olive lentil, otherlongsidethatº |4|+,+| by endasand andesendasº, kirikirikiring,4| violaceous warwon contusiones of facebitsº of Highup Big |4|aCockawocky Cockywockya| Sublissimime4| Autocrat|4|+, forº that one with |apurea| hueglut intensely saturated one,º+|4| tinged uniformlyº allaroundside |4|+upinandoutdownº+|4| very like
{f10, 479}
you |4see seecut4| chowchow of plentymuch sennacassia. |4|+Hump cumps Ebblybally.º+| (aSuckit Sukkota)?4|

|4|+Punc.+| P Bigseer, refrects the petty padre, |5whackling it out |ato take a tumblea|,º5| |+tripeness to call thinganyº to call if say is good while,+| |ayou pore |+shiroskuro+| blackinwhitepaddynger,a| by thiswiseº |+aposterioprismically+| apatstrophied |aand paralogically periparolyseda|, |+celestial from principalest of |aIro'sa| Irismans |aruinboona| pot before |a(for beingtime monkblinkers timebeingedº completamentarily |bmurkblankers murkblankered in their neutrol neutrolysisb| between the |bviridessence |cpossiblec| viriditudeb| of the sager and the |berubescence probable eruberuptionb| of the saint)a|,º+| as |ahe appropinquishes |bMe Myb| tappropinquisha| to |ahis Me |bwipenmeselpsb|a| gnosegates a handcaughtsheafº of |+synthetic+| shammyrag |aas to hims hers,º seemingsucha| |+four three two agreement cause heart to be might, saving to Balenoarch (he kneeleths), to Great Balenoarkº (he kneeleths down),º to Greatest Great Balenoarch (he kneeleths down quitesomely),+| the sound sense sympol |ain a weedwayedwolda| of the |afire that firetherea| the sun in his halo cast. |a|+Onman |aOnmin Onmena|+|.a|4|

|4|+⇒ That was thing, |abeigotter bygottera|, the thing, bogcotton, the very thing, begad|err.!ºerr| Even to |5uptoputty5| |aBalkally-Bilkilly-Bulkelly Bilkilly-Belkelly-Balkallya|. |5Who was for |acalling shoutinga| down the shatton on the lamp of Jeeshees. Sweating on to stonker and throw his seven.5| As he shuck his thumping fore features apt the hoyhop of His Ards.+|4|

{f39, 613}

|4|aGood |bGowd |cGold Goodc|b|a| safe firelamp! hailed the heliots. Goldselforelump! alledº they. Awed. Where thereon the skyfold high,º trampatrampatramp. Adie. |aPer ye oomdoomº doominoom noonstroom. Yeasome |bpriestome priestomesb|. Fullyhum toowhoom.a| |a


(4⇒ Sants and sogs, cabs and cobs, |+kigs kings+| and karls, tentes and taunts.4)

|4'Tis gone in faroverº. So fore now, dayleash. |aPour dedag!ºa|4| (4To |+trancesixurearhone trancefixureashone+|. |+Seist Feist+| of Taborneccles, (6scenopigia scenopegia6), come! Shamwork, be in our scheining!4) |4And let every crisscouple be so crosscomplimentary,º little eggons, youlk and |ameek meelka|,º in a farbiger pancosmos. With a hottyhammyum all round. Gudstruce!º4| |4|x

Yet is no body present |aherea| which was not there before. Only is the order |aother othereda|. Nought is nulled. Fuitfiat!x|4|

|s5⇒ Lo, the laud of laurens |sanowsa| orielising benedictively wher when saint and sage have said their say.s5|

|3⇒ A spathe of calyptrous glume involucrumines the perinanthean Amenta: fungoalgaceous muscafilicial graminapalmularº planteon;º of increasing, |alivavid |blivavic livivorousb|a|, feelful thinkamalinks;º |aluxuriotiating everywhencewhithersoeverº among skullhullows and charnelcysts of a weedwastewoldworl weedwastewoldweirldº when Ralph the Retriever ranges to jawrode his knuts knuckles and her theas
{f10, 480}
thighs;º one gugulpº down of the nauseous forere brarkfarsts oboboomaround and you're rightº as paint and spickspanº as a rainbow; |4|xwreathe the bowl to rid the bowel; no runcure, no rank heat, sir;x|4| amess in amullium;a| chlorid cup.

Health, chalce, |aendnessness |bendnessessity endnessnessessityb|a|! Arrive, lukkypiggersº, in a poke! The folgor of the frightfools is olymically olympically optimominous; it there is bound to be a lovleg day for mirrages in the open; Murnane and Aveling are undertoken to berry berry that ortchert: provided that. You got to make good that breachsuit, (6Seamer seamer6). You going to haulm port |ahulme (4huolm houlm4)a|, (6Toilermaster toilermaster6). You |astill yeta| must get up to kill (nonparticular). You still stand by and do as hit (private). While for yous, Jasminia Aruna and all your likers, |s+4affinitavely affinitativelys+|4| must it be by you elected if Monogynes his is or hers Diander, the tubous, |alimbered limbersomea| and nectarial. Owned or
{f39, 614}
grazeheifer, ethel or |s+4frankling bondings+|4|,º Mopsus or Gracchus, all your (6horoditis horodities6) will incessantlament be coming back from the |agreat Annonea| |awash |bWishwash |cWishwashouse |errwishwashwhose Wishwashwhoseºerr|c|b|, Ormepierre Lodge, Doone of the Drumes, |bblanches bountifully, andb|a| nights endº made up, every article entrusted to our care going through several latherings and everyº lathering leaving several rinsings so as y each rinse results |ain witha| a |adifferent roll dapperent rollea|, cuffs for meek and chokers for sheek and a kink in the pacts for namby. Forbeer, forbear! For nought that is has bane. In mournenslaund. Themes have thimes and habit |areborns reburnsa|. To flame in you. Ardor vigor forders order. |aAs Sincea| ancient was our living is in possible to be. Delivered as. Caffirs and culls and onceagain overalls,º |aall the fittest survivalivesºa| that blud blued, iorn and storridge can make them. Whichus all claims. Clean. |aWhenascleeps. Whenatscleepsº.a| Close. And the mannormillor clipperclappers. Noxt. Dose.º

Fennsense, finnsonse, awarnº! Tuck |aoff uppa| those wide shorts. (4The pink of the busket for sheer give.4) Peeps. (4Stand up to hard ware and step into style.4) If you soil may, puett, guett me prives. For newmanmaun set a marge to the merge of in unnotions. Innition wons agame.3|