2nd typescript, November 1938, IV§4 draft level 2

MS missing Draft details

{f10, 481}

What has gone? How it ends?

Begin to forget it. It will remember itself from every sides, with all gestures, in each our word.

Forget, remember!

Have we cherished expectations? Are we for liberty of perusiveness? Whyafter what forewheres? A plainplanned liffeyism assemblements Eblania's conglomerate horde.


Our wholemole millwheeling vicociclometer, a tetradomational gazebocroticon (the “Mamma Lujah” known to every schoolboy scandaller, be he Matty, Marky, Lukey or John-a-Donk), autokinatonetically preprovided with a clappercoupling smeltingworks exprogressive process (for the farmer, his son and their homely codes, known as eggburst, eggblend, eggburial and hatch-as-hatch can), receives through a portal vein the dialytically separated elements of precedent decomposition for the verypetpurpose of subsequent recombination so that the heroticisms, catastrophes and eccentricities transmitted by the ancient legacy
{f39, 615}
of the past, type by tope, letter from litter, word at ward, with sendence of sundance, since the days of Plooney and Columcellas when Giacinta, Pervenche and Margaret swayed over the all-too-ghoulish and illyrical and innumantic in our mutter nation, all, anastomosically assimilated and preteridentified paraidiotically, may be there for you, Cockalooralooraloomenos, when cup, platter and pot come piping hot, as sure as herself puts hen to paper.

Of cause, so! And in effect, as?

Dear. And we go on to Dirtdump. Revered. May we add majesty? Well, we have frankly enjoyed more than anything those secret workings of natures
{f10, 482}
(thanks ever for it, we humbly pray) and, well, was really so denighted of this lights time. Muckbirds which bring up about uhrweckers they will come to know good. Yon clouds will soon disappear looking forwards at a fine day. The honourable Master Sarmon they should be first born like he was and it was between Williamstown and the Ailesbury on the top of the longcar we think of him looking at us yet as if to pass away in a cloud. When he woke up in a sweat besidus it was to pardon him, golden one, but he dreamt we had a lonely face. Back we were backed in paladays last, the man what never put a dramn in the swags but milk from a national cows. Sneakers in the grass, keep off! If we were to tick off all that cafflers head, whisperers, for his accomodation, the brothers me craw namely, and their bacon what priced butter! Stringstly is it forbidden by the honorary tenth commendment to shall not bare full sweetness against a nighboor's wiles. What those slimes up the door, the lies is coming out on them frecklefully, had the shames to suggest, can we ever? Never! So may the law forget him their trespasses
{f39, 616}
against Mr O'Reilly here in my bed getting up A nought in nought Eirinishmhan called Ervigsen by his first mate. May all similar douters have that fancied widning! For a pipe of twist or less we could let out and someone would make a carpus of somebody with the greatest of pleasure by private shootings. And not enough left for Peeter the Picker. How delitious for the three Sulvans of Dulkey and what a sellpriceget the two Peris of Monacheena! Peace! He possessing from a child for our privileged beholdings ever hairy of chest, hamps and eyebaes in pursuance to salesladies' affectionate company. Wriggling reptiles, take notice! Whereas we exgust all such sprinkling snigs. They are pestituting the whole time neverwithstanding we simply agree upon the committee of amusance! Or would bring above under same notice for it to be able to be seen.

About that erogenal hun. First he was a Skulksman at one time and then Cloon's fired him through guff. Be sage about sausages! Stuttutistics shows with he's heacups of teatables the old firm fatspitters are most eatenly appreciated by metropolonians.
{f10, 483}
While we should like to drag your attentions to the lot of floorwalkers. The magnets of our midst being foisted upon by a plethorace of parachutes. Did speece permit the bad example of setting before the military to the best of our belief in the earliest wish of the one in mind was the mitigation of the king's evils. Once you are balladproof you are unperceable to haily, icy and missilethroes. Order now before we reach Ruggers' Rush. As we now must close hoping all in the best.

Moral. Mrs Stores Humphreys: So you are excepting trouble, Pondups, from the domestic service questioned? Mr Stores Humphreys: Just as
{f39, 617}
there is a good in even, Levia, my cheek is a compleet bleenk. Plumb. One two four. Finckers. Up the hind hose of hizzars.

Whereupon our best thanks to a hundred and eleven ploose one thousand and one other blessings will now concloose thoose epoostles to your great kindest, well, for all at trouble to took. We are all at home for ourselfsake, that direst of housebonds, whool wheel be true unto loves end so long as we has a pockle full of brass. Impossible to remember persons in improbable to forget position places. Who would pellow his head off to conjure up a, well, particularly mean stinkerlike funn make called Foon MacCrawl brothers, mystery man of the pork martyrs? Force in giddersh! Tomothy and Lorcan, the bucket Toolers, both are Timsons now they've changed their characticuls during their blackout. Conan Boyles will pudge the daylives out through him, if they are correctly informed. Fing! One must simply laugh. Fing him aging! Well, this ought to wake him to make up. Gilly in the gap. The big bad old sprowly allsome uttering foon! Has now stuffed last podding. His fooneral will sneak pleace by creeps o'clock, toosday. Kingen will commen. Pens picture at Manshem House Horsegardens shown in Morning post as from Boston transcripped. Femilles will be preadaminant as from twentyeight to twelve. To hear that lovelade parson, of case, a bawl gentlemale, pour forther moracles. Don't forget. The grand fooneral will now shortly occur. Remember. The remains must be removed before eaght hours shorp. With earnestly conceived hopes. So help us to witness to this day to hand in sleep. Of Mayasdaysed most duteoused.

Well, here's lettering you erronymously anent other clerical fands alleged herewith. How about it? Our shape being much admired from the first.
{f10, 484}
Referring to the Married Woman's Improperty Act, a correspondent paints out that the Swees Aubumn vogue is hanging down straith fitting to her
{f39, 618}
innocenth eyes. O, felicious coolpose! If all the McCrawls would only handle virgils like Armsworks, Limited! Never mind Micklemash! Chat us instead! The cad with the pope's wife, Lily Kinsella, who became the wife of Mr Snakers in the hands of the kissing solicitor, will now engage in attentions. Pale bellies our mild cure, back and streaky ninepence. The thicks off Bully's Acre was got up by Sully. And she had a certain medicine brought her in a licenced victualler's bottle. Shame! Thrice shame! We are advised the waxy is at the present in the Sweeps hospital and that he may never come out! Only look through your leatherbox one day with P.C.Q. about 4.32 full view, to be surprised to see under the grand piano Lily on the sofa (and a lady!) pulling a low and then he'd begin to jump a little bit to find out what goes on besides the solicitous busness by kissing and looking into a mirror.

That we were treated not very grand when the police and everybody is all bowing to us when we go out in all directions. Item, we never were chained to a chair, and, bitem, no widower whithersoever followed us about with a fork on Yankskilling Day. Meet a great civilian (proud lives to him!) who is as gentle as a mushroom and a very attractable when he always sits forenenst us for his wet; while to all whom it may concern Sully is a thug from all he drunk, though he is a rattling fine bootmaker in his profession. Would we were herewith to lodge our complaint on Sergeant Laraseny (2who does be with the corner up2) (2Levers Row on Katheen MacFoullane2) in consequence of which in such steps taken his health would be constably broken by a Nollwelshian which has been oxbelled out of crispiamity.

Well, our talks are coming to be resumed by more polite conversation with a huntered per sent human over the natural bestness
{f39, 619}
of pleisure after his good few mugs of four ale and shag. While for whoever likes that urogynal pan of cakes one apiece it is thanks, beloved, to Adam, our early first Finnlatter, for his beautiful crossmess parzel.

Well, we simply like their dumb cheeks wagging here about around he being as bothered that he pausably could by the fallth of hampty damp. Certified reformed peoples,
{f10, 485}
we may add to this stage, are proptably saying to quite agreeable deef. Here gives your answer, pigs and scuts! He is another he what stays under the himp of holth. The herewaker of our hamefame is his real namesame who will get himself up and erect, confident and heroic when but, young as of old, a wee one woos.

Alma Luvia, Pollabella.