MS Buffalo V.A.8 13-20 Draft details

{ms, 013}

(U84 1770-end)


 …. and up with him on the bloody car.

The milkwhite Dolphin tossed his Mane and, rising in
{ms, 014}
the golden Poop the Helmsman spread the glorious Sail upon the Wind. A many comely Nymphs drew nigh to |1starboard Starboard1| and to Larboard and |1clinging to the sides of the noble Bark1| linked their shining |1forms Forms1| as doth the cunning Wheelwright when he fashions about the Heart of his Wheel the equidistant Rays whereof each one is Sister to |1the next another1| and he binds them all with an outer Ring and giveth Speed to the Feet of Men whenas they ride to an Hosting or contend for |1a Prize the |asmile Smilea| of Ladies fair1|. Even so did they come and set them, those willing |1nymphs Nymphs1|, |1foamwhite the undying1| sisters. And they laughed sporting in a Circle of their Foam: and the |1bark Bark1| clave the Waves.

But, by the mossy diamond,

Martin and Jack Power did their level best to keep him quiet but Bloom w had his rag out. All the ragamuffins of and guttersnipes of the place were jeering round the car and says one of the fishgirls

— Ay, mister. Look at your hat, mister!

What was it but Cusack
{ms, 015}
had stuck two of the bloody betting tickets in the front of Bloom's topper and what was on it but: W.C. 13. And Terry, the curate, and Alf Bergan were doubled up laughing:

— O, mister! Look at what's on your hat, mister.

Arra sure Bloom didn't know what was up till Jack stood up and took off the tickets and all the sluts began to yell:

— Eh, mister, give us a speech!

|1and the mudlarks screaming the Boys of Wexford. And Martin trying to get the jarvey to drive on. But Bloom was on his high horse speeching |aa harangue out of hima| about the jews.

— Mendelsohn was a jew, he says, and Karl Marx and Mercadante and Spinoza and your god was a jew, he shouted, and his father was a jew

|aWhat? What God?a| says Cusack.

— He had no father, says Jack Power trying to pull him down.

Sure Bloom didn't know about father or mother, only shouting:

— Yes, your god was a jew. |aJesus Christ Your saviour, Christ,a| was a jew.

Cusack made one bound in:

— By |aJesus this & thata|, says he, I'll brain that bloody jewman for using the holy name. Give us that biscuit tin here. By Jesus, |aI will I'll be the death of hima|. Give |ait usa| here.

God there was meila murder.

— Stop! Stop! says Alf.

However the jarvey began lashing the bloody nag and the street arabs began to peg cabbage stumps, yelling like blases blazes.

— Three cheers for the jew's droppings!

— Get your hair cut.1|

A large and appreciative gathering of friends and acquaintances assembled to bid farewell to Mr Leopold Bloom on the occasion of his departure |1for a distant clime1|. The ceremony |1which took place under the most favourable auspices1| which was characterised by the most affecting cordiality was rendered all the more picturesque by the presence of numerous delegates from all parts of the provinces whose traditional national costumes lent a welcome note of colour to the scene |1which went off with great éclat1|. An illuminated |1address scroll1|, the work of Irish artists, was presented to the distinguished orientalist on behalf of a large section of the community and was accompanied by the gift of a silver casket, tastefully executed in the style of ancient Celtic ornament, a work which reflects every credit on the makers, Messrs Jacob and Jacob. The departing guest was |1made1| the recipient of a hearty ovation, many of those present being visibly moved when the select orchestra of Irish pipes
{ms, 017}
played struckº up the wellknown strains of th Come Back to Erin as a sendoff. |1To Amid1| the echoing cheers of the multitude |1that rent the welkin1| the vessel slowly |1moved away put off1|, saluted by a final floral tribute from the |1emissaries representatives1| of the fair sex who were present in large numbers. Gone but not forgotten!

|1|aThere was a crowd in Capel streeta| The jarvey, cute enough, headed of got the horse's head round when out runs Cusack and the bloody biscuit tin in his hand and little Alf trying to hold him and roaring:

— Where is he till I murder him!1|

It was the mercy of God the sun was in his eyes. Anyway he made a swipe in the air and let fly. God, he near sent it into the county Longford. The bloody |1tin1| fell on the cobblestones with a |1crash clatter1| that would waken the dead. You know he's a powerful fellow Cusack. Best man in Ireland in his time at putting the fiftysix pound shot. That's a fact. He won prizes and cups and medals. O, Cusack was a famous man in his day, faith.

Well you should have heard the |1yells hullaballoo1| of the crowd and the horse took fright and off with him |1and Garryowen after him1| and all the ragtag and bobtail after the car, warhooping.

The |1explosion catastrophe1| was terrific and instantaneous in its effect. The observatory of Dunsink registered in all eleven shocks and there is no record of a similar seismic disturbance in our island since the great earthquake of |1 1534 the year of the rebellion of Thomas Fitzgerald, silken knight1|. The epicentre appears to have been that part of the metropolis which constitutes the Inn's Quay Ward and parish of saint
{ms, 018}
Michan. All the palatial residences in the immediate vicinity of the palace of justice were demolished and the noble edifice itself |1in which at the time of the catastrophe important legal debates were in progress1| is literally a mass of ruins beneath which, it is only to be feared, all the occupants have |1been buried found death1| alive. From the reports of eyewitnesses it |1would seem has transpired1| that the seismic waves were accompanied by a violent atmospheric perturbation of cyclonic character. An article of headgear, since ascertained to belong to the much respected clerk of the crown and peace, Mr George Fottrell, and a silk umbrella with gold handle with the engraved initials, crest, coat of arms and genealogical tree of the |1erudite and1| worshipful |1chairman of quarter sessions1| recorder of Dublin, sir Frederick Falkiner, were discovered by search parties in remote parts of the island respectively, the former on the third basaltic ridge of the Giant's causeway in Antrim, the latter embedded to the extent of one foot three inches in the sandy beach |1of Holeopen bay1| beneath the old head of Kinsale, latitude 64', longitude, 17. Other eyewitnesses state that they observed an incandescent object of huge volume |1and of unknown proportions1| hurtling through the atmosphere |1at a terrifying velocity1| in a trajectory directed southwest by west. Messages of condolence and sympathy are being hourly received from all parts of the |1various different1| continents
{ms, 019}
and the sovereign pontiff has been graciously pleased to order that a special missa pro defunctis shall be celebrated simultaneously by the |1ordinaries ordinary1| of |1all each & every1| parish |1churches church1| of all |1episcopal1| dioceses subject to the spiritual authority of the holy see in suffrage of the souls of those faithful departed who have been so unexpectedly called away from our midst. The work of salvage and of removal of debris, human remains etc has been entrusted to Messrs Michael Meade and Son|1, of1| 4 Great Brunswick street and to Messrs T. and C Martin, 18 North Wall, assisted by the men and officers of the Duke of Cornwall's light infantry |1col. Jameson & officers of the Seaforth Highlanders1| under the general supervision of |1H.R.H.1| rear admiral |1the Rt. Hon1| sir |1Heracles Hercules1| Hannibal |1Blitzblank Habeas Corpus1| Anderson, K.G., K.P., K.T., P.C., K.C.B., M.P., J.P., |1M.S. M.B.1|, D.S.O., |1S.O.D,1| M.F.H., M.R.I.A, B.L., Mus. Doc., P.L.G, |1F.R.C.S.I. F.R.C.P.I.1| and |1F.R.C.P.I. F.R.C.S.I.1|

Tare and |1ouns ages1| it was the grandest sight you ever seen in all your born puff. Bloom up on the bloody car trying to blather out of him |1|aabout being that he wasa| a jew and his father and not ashamed of it1|, and the mudlarks yelling like old boots and the bloody tin bursting open |1and the bloody dog after it & all the great unwashed after the dog1| and the horse galloping like mad |1and the jarvey belabouring it1| man, and the sparks flying out of his hoofs. Uproar & holy murder! |1God By the mortal frost1|, if he got that tin on the head he would have been carted off to Jervis street |1on a shutter1| and, by God, Cusack would have been |1pulled lagged1| for assault |1and Joe and Tom for aiding and abetting1| and battery. The jarvey saved his life as sure as God made
{ms, 020}
little apples. What? O, he did, faith. |1Cusack let a volley of oaths after him1| Where is he?, |1the |abloodylooking bloody sicklookinga| kaffir?1| says he. Did I kill him? or what? Terry and little Alf Bergan took him by the arm to |1drag him in hold him back1| and the last we saw but he kept shouting to the bloody dog. After him, |1Garryowen Garry1|. After him, |1boy. bloody curse to you!1| And the last we saw was the car turn the corner |1with Bloom gesticulating1| and the bloody dog after it |1with his lugs back1| for all he was |1bloody well1| worth.

When, lo, there came about them all a great |1brightness Brightness1| and they beheld |1the a1| golden |1chariot Chariot1|, |1which held Him wherein He stood1| ascend to |1heaven Heaven1| |1even Him, ben Bloom Elijah1|. And they beheld Him |1therein in the Chariot1|, clothed upon in the |1glory Glory1| of the Brightness, Wi |1with having1| Raiment as of the Sun, fair as the Moon and terrible that |1for awe1| they durst not look upon him. And there came a Voice out of Heaven, saying |1Elijah! unread!1| Elijah ben Reuben! And He answered|1, Abba with a main cry: Abba, Adonai:1|, Abba. And they beheld Him |1in His Glory ascend amid |aclouds Cloudsa| of |aGlory angelsa| ascend1| to |1Him Who the Heaven in the direction of a beeline over Hogan's in Little Green Street to the Glory of the Brightness at an angle of fortyfive degrees over |aHogan's Donohoe'sa| in Little Green street like a shot off a shovel1|.