Fragment, February 1920, draft level 0

MS Buffalo V.A.12 24v Draft details

{Section II: MS V.A.12: U84 14.264-276}
{ms, 24v}

But sir Leopold at that word was grave by cause he |astilla| had |afor soreshrieking pity of shrillshriekinga| women |a|bbig with babies, that were with childb|a| and he was minded of his good lady that had borne him a |ababe son manchilda| which in |aher hisa| eleventh day |aon livea| had died and she was |agriefstricken stricken at hearta|, and that the babe was dead and to his burial, sore weeping, did him on a fair |awhitea| corselet of |awoollen net lamb's wool |bflower of the flockb|a| lest he |ashoulda| perish utterly |aand lie like akalea| (for it was |ain midst of thea| winter) and now sir Leopold looke that had of his body no |amanchild for ana| heir looked upon him, his son's friend's son, and as sad as he was that him failed a son of |asuch parts anda| gentle courage so grieved he |ain |blike no lessb| measurea| for young Stephen |athat for that hea| lived riotously and murdered his goods with whores.