Redrafts of sections I, VII and IX, Spring 1920, draft level 1+

MS Buffalo V.A.11 1v, 2v, 3v, 4v, NLI.11A 5v, NLI.11B 7v Draft details

{Section I: MS V.A.11: U84 14.71-122}
{ms, 1v}

A wayfarer by night's oncoming Some man that |+1was wayfaring wayfaring was+|1| stood by housedoor at night's oncoming for to take there refuge. Of Israel's folk was that man that |+1much far+|1| on earth |+1wandered was wandering far had fared+|1|. |1|+|x|aunread Rutha| his errand was of some wife that there lay |awould he of some wife that therea| of some wife that him led to that house.x|+|1| That man saw (Levin lightened on south sky that was with welkin all bedecked. (That man dread that God Almighty would fordo all mankind with water for their sins). Now there would he stay wayweary (would he infare under) would he — —

Of that house A. Horne is lord. 70 bed has he there |+1for seventy mothers that are wont that they will lie where |awives teeming mothersa| are wont that they lie+|1| for to bring forth |+1there hale bairns+|1| so as Gods angel to Mary quoth. Watchers |+1two they are twey there walk+|1|, white sisters, of sleepless ward. The old they still, the young help: In twelve moons thrice 500
{ms, 2v}

In ward wary the watcher heard wayfarer's come that man |+1mild of heart, mildhearted and+|1| to him |+1the her+|1| door |1|+all+|1| undid. Then rathe |1|+Lo,+|1| levin |1|+leaping+|1| lightened |+1from in eyeblink Iarland's+|1| western welkin and she was dread that God |+1Shaper wreaker+|1| |+1would fordo all mankind all mankind would fordo+|1| with water for |+1their his+|1| evil sins. Christ's rood made she rath on breastbone and him rathe reding bad rede that he would rathe infare under her thatch. That man did her will hat did off and worthful went in Horne's house

In Horne's hall the wanderer stood Loth to irk in Horne's hall hat holding |+1the wanderer that seeker+|1| stood. |+1Thrice three nine+|1| years were now gone |1|+now+|1| outwanderered on her land had he ere lived with liefest love and daughter dear. Once only in throng they met her in throng |+1he met and meeting he+|1| to her bow had not swiftly doffed. Her to forgive now he craved |+1on with+|1| good ground by her allowed, that that |+1by of+|1| him so swiftseen face, hers, so young then had looked. Light her eyes quick kindled. Bloom of blushes his |1|+wise+|1| word winning.

As her eyes |+1saw then ongot+|1| his |+1swart weeds weeds swart+|1| for that |+1adread sorrow for him+|1| she feared. Glad then she was that before adread was. Her He her asked if Doctor O'Hare tidings sent and she with sad look |1|+him+|1| answered
{ms, 3v}
that Doctor O'Hare in heaven was. Sorry was the man that to hear. All she there told him, ruing death of one so young but unwilling God's rightwiseness to withsay, that he had a fair death |+1by through+|1| God's goodness with masspriest |1|+to |ashrive after shrift hima|+|1|, the holy housel |1|+to eat+|1| and sick men's oil. |+1He The man+|1| asked her then right |+1sad earnest+|1| of which death he was dead and she told him |1|+that+|1| he was dead of bellycrab in Mona's island three years come Yule. Sad he heard those |1|+her+|1| words, in held hat sore staring.

Therefore, all men, look to this |1|+last+|1| end that is death and the dust that gripeth on all every man that is born of woman |+1and on all beastkind and fishkin that God made |aand eke on all beastkind and fishkind that God madea|+|1| for as he came forth of his mother's womb, |1|+so+|1| naked shall he wend him to go as he came.

He then asked The man that was come into the house then spoke to the nun and he asked her how it fared with the woman that lay in childbed. She answered him and said that that woman was in throes full
{ms, 4v}
three days
and that it would be a hard birth to bear but that now |1|+soon+|1| it would come. And she said that she had seen many births but never was none so hard as was that woman's. birth and |1|+Then+|1| She set it forth all to him as she knew the man that |+1nine years agone of old time+|1| had lived |+1near nigh+|1| that house and. He weighed her words as she spoke for she was not and said naught to her. The man hearkened to her words for he wondered |+1at on+|1| her face that was young |1|+for a man+|1| to see but yet was |1|+she+|1| after long years always a maid.

{Section VIII: NLI.11A: U84 14.1086-1095}
{ms, 5v}

Agendathº is |+1waste of sand a waste land+|1|, a home of screechowls and the sandblind upupa: Netaim, the golden, is no more. What |+1moan voice+|1| rises from Netaim, what from Agendath, the derelict. Lo, they come, muttering thunder of rebellion. The ghosts of beasts are trooping. And their moan shakes the earth. Elk & yak, mammoth & mastodon, the bulls of Bashan and of Babylon, troop to |+1drink of the this+|1| sunken sea |1|+Their hero Huuh! Hark! Huuh! There is one behind that goads them to their doom |a flourishing a lash of scorpions |b& the lightningsb| that dart about his head are lancinating scorpionsa|+|1|. |+1Somnolent Ominous+|1| and |+1vindictive ghosts |amultitude host |bof the zodiacb|a|,+|1| they moan, passing septemtrional |1|+to the septemtrion+|1| in the clouds, a horned |+1and & capricorned,+|1| tusked and stony antlered multitude, murderers of the sun.

{Section IX: NLI.11B: U84 14.1362-1378}
{ms, 7v}

Aº shaven space of lawn on a soft May evening, the wellremembered grove of lilacs at Roundtown slender |+1perfumed fragrant+|1| spectators of the game but with much real interest in the pellets as they run slowly forward over the ground and stop, one by another, with a brief alert shock. And yonder |+1by the grey urn near where the pleased but anxious+|1| you saw another sisterhood, Floey, Tiny, Atty and one yet another, |+1comelier than they for a certain foreign grace, with I know not what of ancestry in her pose+|1| which |1|+Our Lady of the Cherries,+|1| a |1|+comely+|1| brace of |+1cherries hanging them pendent+|1| on |+1the her+|1| ear bringing out the |+1comely+|1| foreign |+1graciousness warmth+|1| of her skin |1|+so daintily+|1| against the cool ardent fruit. A lad of four or five in linseywoolsey of ripe damson stands on the urn upheld by that circle of girlish hands. He frowns a little just as this young man does now with perhaps a too conscious enjoyment of the act but must needs glance at whiles towards where his mother, comely watches with a faint shadow of removal in her glad look.