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MS Buffalo V.A.19 21v 22, 22v 23, 23v 24 Draft details

{ms, 022}


No wit, no wrinkles (she counts them) Three. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars. That's for courage. |1(Stephen shakes his head)1|


(ricane?) The youth who could not shiver and shake.


No? |1What day were you born?




Thursday's child has far to go.1| |1Show us Hold out1| your hand (she examines it) |1Hand like a woman1| But I see itº your face. That look. |1Can't kid me. The face is |ayou what you were and area|.1| (She frowns sternly. A pandybat is heard to crack loudly twice. |1A Jack in the box The top of the piano1| suddenly |1flies open blank1|. The bald little round fluffy head of Father Dolan springs up like a Jack in the box)

Father Dolan

Lazy idle little schemer. See it in yr eyes.


Continue. Lie. Hold me. Caress. |1I never could read God's handwriting.1|


(tracing lines on his hand) Line of fate. You have influential friends. A long life. Mount of the Moon imagination. And show your foot. Yes. (brusquely) I won't tell you what's not good for you. Or do you want to know.?º


(hastily offering his hand) |1You do more harm than good.1| Here. Read mine.


|1Show us1| (peering at it) Gridirons. |1little finger short. Henpecked husband.1| |1|xknobby knucklesx|1| Travels beyond the sea and marry money.

|1Black Liz, a huge |ahen blanka|, roosting on |athe curtain pole a corner within a chalked circle stirs herselfa|, stretches her wings and clucks.

Black Liz

Gera. Klook Klook Klook.

|xrises from a soft egg and waddles offx|1|
{ms, 023}


That ridge there was an accident. I fell and cut it.


|1Tell us news.1| I see, says the blind man |1Tell us news.1| The line of Venus crosses |1|aUnlucky luckya| in cards, unlucky in love1| (she peers, twisting his hand) Hold on. Wait. (she laughs in a frank odd fashion) Ha ha ha ha ha. Wait (peering again, she laughs with head flung back) Ha ha ha ha ha

(she whispers to Florrie Power |1then to Kitty Rickets1|)


(looking at Bloom |1unread1|) Heh heh heh hehº



(giggling) Eeh Eeh eeh eeh.º

|1(Blazes Boylan in a flashing straw hat set sideways, a red flower in his mouth, leans on the mantelpiece. Lenehan at his side officiously detaches from his shoulder a long hair)


Hoho! What do I here behold? |aWere you brushing the cobwebs off a few quims.a|


|aI wasa| plucking a |ahen turkey, I wasa|.


A good |aday's night'sa| work


(winks) Up to sample or yr money backa|1|


O, it's there written plain His wife goes with a fancyman

|1Bloom º Bella1|

(Bella Cohen and Lynch laugh together)


(striking her fan) Hohohohoho.


(sardonically) Hu hu hu


It may be |1though it excites your risibles.1|

(All laugh together. In the mirror appears the head of William Shakespeare outlined by its starched ruff |1the features rigid in facial paralysis1|)


(|1with dignity of utterance |awitha| dignified ventriloquism1|) 'Tis the loud
{ms, 024}
laugh |1that speaks bespeaks1| the vacant mind

|1Mrs |aThe widow blanka|1| Dignam |1|xher snub nose redx|1| |1her face flushed with talk, tears & old tawny sherry,1| |1perspiring1| in |1widow's weeds |aher weeds in merry widow's hat with weedsa| beneath which appear her late husband's everyday trousers and large eight boots with turnedup toecaps)1| |1her streamer flaunting aloft1| hurries across. She holding a large |1marquee1| umbrella under which |1the rest1| her brood of |1fretful1| |1children tired kids1| are huddled. Patsy Dignam hops on one |1shod1| foot, |1his collar loose1| the other being unshod. She holds in her hand an insurance policy |1Freddy Dignam totters snivelling)


ah, ma, you're dragging me along!1|

|1|xShe cuffs them on. |a(Susie Dignam |bwith a crying cod's mouthb| calls whimpers,

Mamm the beeftea is fizzing overa|x|1|


|1(sternly)1| None wed the second but who kill the first.

(Mrs Dignam

(His face changes into that of Martin Cunningham |1gazing upon his wife1|. Mrs Dignam, her face inflamed, sways in her walk drunkenly. Her children abandon her side.)

Mrs Cunningham

(with sidling |1slipping flopping1| movements, twirling japanesily her umbrella) And they call me the jewel of Asia

|1Martin Cunningham Cunningham-Shakespeare1|

(impassive, objective) |1Immense1| A |1most1| bloody awful bitch.