zFolio Society

MS Buffalo V.A.19 26v 27, 28 Draft details

{ms, 027}

I'm off to Paris!


Can you parlez vous francais?


|1(gabbling |aon the chaira|)1| Thousand places of entertainment |1to expense your evenings1| |1ladies saling gloves |aand others thingsa| perhaps hers breast1| beerchops very eccentric where |1Perfect fashionable house1| lots cocottes |1beautiful nicely nicest dressed much about princesses like1| are dancing cancan |1and winking there1| parisian clowneries extra foolish for bachelors |1gentlemen foreign1|.


|a(laughing outright)a| Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


(giggling) He he he he he1|

|11| The same if talking a poor english how much smart the are on thing's love and sensations voluptuous

|1Gentlemen Misters very1| select must to visit |1for is pleasure1| heaven and hells shows show which occur every night. Prefectly shocking terrific |1of religion's things mockery known in universal world1|. Ho! la! la! Great success of laughing. Angels much prostitutes like and holy apostles are |1big |adamna|1| ruffians. |1Are you fond modern pleasure? Are you fond better the modern pleasure?1| Enter gentleman. |1to see.1| |1Nicest demimondaines demimondaines nicely handsome1| sparkling sparkle of diamond. very amiable costumed. |1Are you |aOra| Do you Are1| fond better |1what |aregards belongsa|1| the moderns pleasure! |1Caoutchouc womans |areversible makea| besides very lifesize also Tompeeptom of female nudities1| Enter, gentleman, to see all nudities |1lovely1| trapezes |1woman girlies |ain mirror all that machine therea|1| also if desire |1acts act |afearful awfullya|1| bestial. I love you, |1darling englishman dear sir darling gentleman1|. |1Speak you englishman tongue? O yes |amon loup,a|. |aHow much cost?a| Waterloo waterclose.1|


(laughs outright) Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho


(Sniggers) Hu hu hu hu hu1|
{ms, 028}


|1A Two1| German captain offered me five pounds to go with a bulldog.

|1|a|bBloom Lynchb|

Did you?


Ask my cunt. (surly) Then they made him drunk with brandy. He was falling off his four feet.a|


(diabolically) Possibly a god in disguise. Human incarnation is not enough for Jove |awhen he stoops to conquera|. He goes the whole hog.1|


|1Fifi donc! |aOn peut faire des petites cochonneries maisa|1| Le père d'un satyre, la mère d'un minotaure déroge aux lois de la nature, et au lieu du roi des animaux ne produit qu'un monstre. C'est faire à la société un tort considérable. I said that very well.

The Gramophone

|1With my1| Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
He he he he he he he
|1With my1| Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
Hu hu hu hu hu


And the Cornwall case. In Mount street.