zFolio Society

MS Buffalo V.A.19 29v 30v 31 Draft details

{ms, 029v}

|1The crowd of dicers, thimbleriggers broadsmen, |acrown & anchor playersa| crows and welshers bawl and bookies with high |aglazed wizards'a| hats

The Crowd

Card of the races! Racing Card!
Ten to one the field!
Tommy on the Clay here. Tommy on the Clay.
Two to one bar one. Two to one bar one.
Try your luck on spinning Jenny.
Two to one bar one.
Sell the monkey, boys. Sell the monkey.
I'll give ten to one
Two to one bar one
{ms, 031}

|1The Touts

Racing card! Card of the race!1|

The Crowd

Throwaway! Even Money the Nightmare.

A dark fleet horse, unridden, |1flees bolts1| like a phantom |1past the winning post1|, his mane foaming, his eyeballs stars. The field follows |1a bunch of bucking mounts1|. Skeleton horses |1|xHouhynhnn!x|1| |1Sceptre Maxim II Zinfandel unread Duke of W— Shotover, Repulse |xDuke of Beaufort's Ceylonx| &1| ridden by dwarfs in armour., The Crowd |1skeletons in armour1| leaping, leaping in their, in their saddles. They pass rattling. |1|xrusty steedx|1| Last |1in a drizzle of rain1| on a brokenwinded nag |1sprawled, gripping his mount's mane1|, caparisoned with the Union Jack, unread Garrett Deasy, honey cap, red jacket, orange sleeves, |1white gaiters1| Garrett Deasy |1sits bolt upright1| in the saddle, a hockeystick |1in his hand at the ready1| |1|xon spavined whitegaitered feet along the rocky road.x|1|

The Crowd

|1Soft day, your honour Tra the lal the ra Go it, Ulster |aLast lap,a| Ye'll be home the night.1|

Garrett Deasy

(|1|araises his hockey sticka| his |abluea| eyes flashing1| fiercely) as he passes inside the |1winning post prism of the chandelier1|) Per vias rectas!

(|1A douche |aFroma| A yoke of buckets empties violently on his h1| of mutton broth falls violently over him, speckling him with |1dancing coins1| sippets of carrots, onions, |1potatoes, turnips turnips, potatoes1|. The horse shies |1& rears up &1| unseats him)

The Crowd

(with a outburst) Soft day, yr honour.