zFolio Society

MS Buffalo V.A.19 21-22 Draft details

{ms, 021}

Professor Maghinni |1inserts leg on toepoint of which spins his silk hat. With a deft jerk he sends it to his crown and, sidewise hatted, &1| parts the curtains and presents himself. He wears a slate caftan frockcoat with |1claret car vermillion1| silk lapels, |1|xgorget of cream tullex|1| a green lowcut waistcoat, stock collar with black white kerchief tie, tight lavender trousers, patent pumps, canary gloves. In his buttonhole he has an immense |1white blue1| dahlia, in his left eye a flashing eyeglass. He places his hand lightly on his chest and bows. Then minuets |1forward in advance1| three paces.


|1(murmurs) The poetry of motion is the art of calisthenics. |aNo connection with |bMadameb| Legget Byrne or Levinstone's dancing academy. Fancy dress balls arranged.a| |xThe Katty Lanner step deportment |a|btradition schoolb|a|x| So. Watch me. |aBreathe evenly |xmy terpsichorean abilitiesx|a| |aTo |btune hot refrainb| of My Girl'sa| The light fantastic1| |1|x(on tripping bees' feet)x|1| |1|x(claps hands)x|1| Tout le monde en avant. Réverence. Tout le monde en place.

|1The couples |aof balletgirls & cavaliersa| arise and stand |aadvance to each others, preening, shaping their forms, bowing, bowing visavis.a| |xThey waltz in their places turning lilting liltx|1|

|1The Balletgirls

You may touch my.

The Cavaliers

May I touch your?

The Balletgirls

O but lightly

The Cavaliers

Yes, quite lightly1|

Behind the |1|xswaying drawnx|1| curtains Ponchielli's dance sounds, damped. |1|aFrom the corner From the northa| From the south1| The morning hours run out |1|agirlish, waspwaisted,a| with skipping ropes |abin their innocent hands |bdecked outb| with May flowersa|1|, goldhaired, slimsandalled, in robes of blue. The hours of noon follows, in amber gold. |1|xlifting arms,x| They catch the dancing sun in metal mirrors. |alaughing mouthed, their high haircombs flashinga|1|


(claps his gloved hands) Carré! Avant deux! Balancé.

The evening hours |1run advance |ain |bminuet stepb|a|1| out, dispersed, lagging: |1languideyed, their cheeks delicate with cipria powder & false |afainta| bloom1| They are in grey gauze with darker bat sleeves.


Avant huit! Traversé.

The night hours |1stand |astep steala|, one by one,1| to the last place. They are in black, masked, with daggered hair. Each has a bracelet of dull bells. |1Fatigued, they curchycurchy |aunder veilsa|.1|

The Bells

Heigho! Heigho!


Saluts! Cours de mains! Croisé! Les Tiroirs! Chaine de Dames! La Corbeille. Dos à Dos. Boulangère. Les Ronds. Les Ponts. Escargot.
{ms, 022}

Arabesquing, they weave a pattern on the floor, curtseying, twirling, simply swirling, twining, receding, with interchanging hands, linked each to each, with arching arms, a mosaic of their movements.


|xChevaux de boisx| Dansez avec vos dames! Donnez |ale petit bouqueta| la petite fleur à votre dame! Changez de dames. Remerciez!

They leap forward, interchanging1| They |1The All1| veils fall, floating, fall.