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MS Buffalo V.A.19 31v 22 Draft details

{ms, 032}

(Stephen's mother |1|xemaciatedx|1| rises stark through the floor. She is in white., Her face worn and green with gravemould. Her hair is almost |1all1| fallen |1|xbluecircled hollow eyesocketsx|1|)

|1Buck Mulligan in particoloured jester's dress of puce and yellow, clown's cap with curlingbell stands gaping at her, a smoking scone in his hand.1|

|1Buck Mulligan

Mulligan meets the afflicted mother




Kinch killed her (tears of molten butter fall from his eyes on the scone) The pity of it! Our great sweet mother!1|

Stephen's Mother

|1I am dead, Stephen.1| We must all |1go through it die1|. |1I was once the beautiful May Goulding1| |1There are more women than men in the world. All must go through that.1| You too, Stephen. |1(holds out hand)1|


(horrorstricken) |1No. Lemur! No.1|

Stephen's Mother

You too, Stephen. Time will come.


(choking with fright and remorse) They say I killed you|1, mother1|. It was cancer. Not I. Mother!

Stephen's Mother

|1I pray for you in my world. That saved you |awhen the nighta| you jumped into the train at Dalkey. Prayer |ais & indulgences area| allpowerful. Prayer to the Sacred Heart |afor the suffering soulsa|.



Destiny. Chance.

The Mother

Because you sang that music and the words: love's bitter mystery (she weeps)


O tell me the word known to all men, mother, if you know.

The Mother

|b(a |cblack greenc| rill of unread corpsetreacle |ctricklesc| falling from one side of her mouth)b| Years & years I loved you when you lay in my womb. |bwho had pity for you when you were sad among the strangers?b|a|1|

(with |1piercing smouldering1| eyes) There is a word known to all men. Stephen! (she raises her right hand slowly with outstretched finger |1to Stephen's breast1|) Beware! |1God's hand, Stephen.1|

(A green crab with malignant red eyes fixes deep its grinning claws in Stephen's heart)


(voiceless with rage) Shite on him.

Stephen's Mother

(wrings her hands |1slowly desperately1|, moaning wr) O, Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on him! Save him, Sacred Heart! Have mercy on Stephen, Lord, for my sake. Inexpressible was my |1agony anguish1| when expiring with love |1grief & agony on Mount Calvary1|